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Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes

The RDA was formed in 1994 to provide a trade association for the outdoor membership resort industry. The RDA is committed to promoting the industry for the benefit of its members and the public, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas important to the industry, setting ethical and operational standards, and otherwise providing for the growth, stability, and betterment of the industry.

To that end, RDA proposes to conduct various traditional non-profit activities on behalf of its members, including the following:

  • Representing the industry to the public and government through education, advertising and lobbying activities.
  • Publishing an industry magazine.
  • Establishing and enforcing ethical and operational standards for the industry.
  • Establishing a central repository of information, such as materials on business, operational and legal topics, which will be accessible by RDA members.
  • Providing consortium-buying services, such as insurance, roadside service, and so forth.
  • Serving as trustee to a developer owned reciprocal program (Resorts of Distinction).


RDA is a Delaware non-profit corporation and qualifies for exemption from federal taxation as a 501(c)(6) trade association. RDA’s members are: (a) resort developers (“Regular Members”); and (b) entities engaged in manufacturing, sales, distribution or provision of products or services to the outdoor resort industry (“Associate Members”). Regular Members have the right to vote and participate in RDA’s management. Associate Members do not have the right to vote (unless required by law) or participate in RDA’s management but do have the right to attend and participate in meetings of Members. All members are required to comply with RDA’s Code of Ethical Standards.


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