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This is a Certification authorized by the Board of Directors. All Resorts of Distinction Salesmen and Resort Staff will need to be trained and certified in order to offer the Resorts of Distinction product.

Resorts of Distinction must adhere to the ethical standards adopted at the time it was created, and it is essential to Resorts of Distinction’s reputation that sales and marketing along with the resort's operations staff understand the Resorts of Distinction product fully, be familiar with the product and adhere to those same principles.

Upon successfully completing the certification process, you will receive a certificate, photo ID with lanyard, briefcase and directory. All certified salesmen will also receive a special* membership into Resorts of Distinction. A fee of twenty five dollars is required for certification and will also activate the Travel account. Certified staff members must submit a Resorts of Distinction application. The Resorts of Distinction card number will be 900 plus the seven digit phone number, Example: 9005551212. This number will be placed in the field labeled "purchase contract number" of the application.

If you have any question please feel free to call 800-211-0458.

Click here to download and print certification (.pdf, 81kb)

*A Resorts of Distinction membership for resort staff is pay camping only through the travel account and is not valid on holidays or special events unless authorized by the hosting resort. Membership is valid as long as certified staff member is employed at a RDA affiliated resort.

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