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To become a member of the Resort Developers Association, you will need to submit an Application for Affiliation.

You can apply by completing the form below or downloading the membership application and mailing it to our office.

Download the Application (pdf 9kb)

If mailing the application, send to:

Resort Developers Association
Post Office Box 99
Valentines, Virginia 23887

 Information Request

If you would like to receive an affiliation packet, please complete the form below. The packet includes the affiliation application, valuable information about our organization and a complimentary directory and newsletter from our reciprocal program, Resorts of Distinction.

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RDA Account Receivable Tracking Program

Resort Developers Association has developed unique accounts receivable software especially for the resort industry. There are many benefits to this software, as it is designed to:

  • Provide a consistent, common accounts receivable format.
  • Simplified in terms of user interface and data entry.
  • Provide enhanced reporting features.
  • Service to prepare member data for use in the RDA software.
  • Have an 800 number for assistance.

This software includes tracking capabilities, detailed accounting summaries, and numerous additional features. For more information, please call 1-800-899-9961.

If you are currently using the RDTS Program (RDA Receivables and Dues Tracking System) and have experienced a problem or would like to request an enhancement, please submit the appropriate forms to:

RDTS Configuration Control Board
PO Box 99
Valentines, VA 23887
Fax: 1-888-320-3843

Program Trouble Report
Software Change Request

Reciprocal Program

ROD Purpose

The purpose of Resorts of Distinction is to administer a developer owned reciprocal use program. Resorts of Distinction is a cooperative network of independent resorts across the North American Continent, permitting reciprocal use rights to the resort members of the developer-owners. The fees and revenues generated by the Resorts of Distinction reciprocal program, after deducting operating expenses and a certain level of financial support for the not-for-profit activities of the RDA, will be distributed to the developers based on participation in the reciprocal program.

Each developer who is an RDA Regular Member in good standing will be eligible to become an “Owner” of Resorts of Distinction. An RDA member is not required to become an owner of Resorts of Distinction; however, only RDA Regular Members are eligible for ownership.


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